Friday, September 4, 2009

Castledew Swatches

So in my last post here, I showed my mass purchase of Castledew e/s palettes. I did not have internet access at my parent's house (where I was staying the past 2 days) and it felt like hell. Now I'm back in my apartment so I did the swatches before I have to leave again... I prob will not be back until Tuesday... I will have to invade a cousin's room or something. Yes, I am addicted to reading beauty blogs (it took me more than 2 hours to read the past 2 days subscriptions!!).

Anyways, on to the swatches:

Color Shot Eyes VL330호 - 미드나잇바이올렛 (Midnight Violet)
L-R: 미드나잇핑크 (Midnight Pink), 미드나잇실버 (Midnight Silver), 미드나잇바이올렛 (Midnight Violet), 미드나잇딥바이올렛 (Midnight Deep Violet).

Color Shot Eyes 5호 - 오션시크릿 (Ocean Secret)
L-R: 오션화이트펄 (Ocean White Pearl), 오션스카이 (Ocean Sky), 오션브론즈 (Ocean Bronze), 오션블랙펄 (Ocean Black Pearl).

Color Shot Eyes GD240호 - 미스틱골드 (Mystic Gold)
L-R: 미스틱베이지 (Mystic Beige), 미스틱피치베이지 (Mystic Peach Beige), 미스틱골드 (Mystic Gold), 미스틱브라운 (Mystic Brown)

Color Shot Eyes 2호 - 싸이키썸머 (Psychy Summer)
L-R: 싸이키화이트 (Psychy White), 싸이키민트 (Psychy Mint), 싸이키블루 (Psychy Blue), 싸이키딥블루 (Psychy Deep Blue)

Diacut Cheeks C901 - 플래닛 러브다이아 (Planet Love Dia)
Top Row L-R: 퓨어핑크 (Pure Pink), 핑크 플래티넘 (Pink Platinum), 오렌지다이아 (Orange Dia)
Middle Row L-R: 러브핑크 (Love Pink), 로즈핑크다이아 (Rose Pink Dia), 플래닛오렌지 (Planet Orange)
Bottom L-R: 러브홀릭 (Love Holic), 로즈홀릭 (Rose Holic), 피치홀릭 (Peach Holic)

Diacut Eyes E902 - 플래닛 샤인 스타 (Planet Shine Star)
Top L-R: 크리스탈 옐로 (Crystal Yellow), 미라클 바이올렛 (Miracle Violet), 크리스탈 핑크(Crystal Pink)
Middle L-R: 크리스탈 피치(Crystal Peach), 미라클 핑크 (Miracle Pink), 미라클 카키 (Miracle Kaki)
Bottom L-R: 플래닛 그레이 (Planet Grey), 플래닛 딥브아운 (Planet Deep Brown), 플래닛 블랙 (Planet Black)

Diacut Eyes BE903 - 샤인 쥬얼 다이아 (Shine Jewel Dia)
Top L-R: 샤인 퍼플 (Shine Purple), 샤인 화이트 (Shine White), 샤인 베이지 (Shine Beige)
Middle L-R: 쥬얼 바이올렛 (Jewel Violet), 샤인 핑크 (Shine Pink), 쥬얼 베이지 (Jewel Beige)
Bottom L-R: 퍼플 나잇 (Purple Night), 러브 엔젤 (Love Angel), 브아운 나잇 (Brown Night)

The pictures don't do the actual colors justice. My camera's 8.1 mp but when I upload the pictures onto blogspot, it becomes blurry... I typed the names from the back of each palette and no I did not mispell the English names... They are as is. Ex: Psychy. My only typos might be in the Korean but I'm too tired to go back to check it. :)

So I love the all the palettes! They are all shimmery, just the way I like it. I will def buy all the other palettes that I did not get this time!!

My giveaway is ending tomorrow night at midnight but since I will be away at my parents house, the winner won't be announced until sometime next week.

I really have to try to go on a shopping ban! I am now waiting for a package from Sasa, La Mer, and Nars!!! :D



amynaree said...

i love all the cute and shimmery :) i need to get my hands on some castledew hehe..thnx for the swatches!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

I love those swatches of Diacut Cheeks C901, they all look so pretty :)

Carine said...

These palettes seem so pretty :o Too bad it's not available where I live !

Miss.Friendz said...

Thanks for sharing your swatches. The colors from Diacut Eyes E902 really pops.

Shopn'Chomp said...

Speaking of reading blogs, I am behind (as you can tell...hee hee)! So this is a late reply but I wanted to let you know that those swatches are gor-geous. :)