Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Bee + Giveaway Winner!!

Sorry everyone! I did not forget about the giveaway. I had an exam to study for and I work. Been busy this past week. *sigh* Finally slowed down today but going to be away this weekend again because of work so I spent some time today sorting through the entries to this giveaway and used to generate a #.....................

Thank you all for entering but there can only be 1 winner so............. the winner is..................

Eleventh of April, Miss Winnie!!!

I emailed you at the email you have provided. You have until Monday, June 28th (when I get back from work) to respond.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Friday, May 28, 2010

CherryCulture Memorial Day Sale

Just got an email from CherryCulture.

Just wanted to share this.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!!

MAC To The Beach Haul Part 1

I have been waiting forever since The Muse blogged about this collection back in Feb here. So this collection finally hit the MAC website on May 25th. I forgot about it until sometime during the afternoon and one of the lipglass that I wanted was already sold out!!! I was crying like crazy to my husband >.< .... I decided to try my luck in-stores but then I got an email from MAC for free shipping for any purchase so I checked out the website again and behold!!! The lipglass was back in stock!!! So basically, I placed another order.

I want to mention that I am now buying items that I will use instead of just buying things just because it is pretty to collect. I was originally going to buy 2 of the Marine Life Highlight Powder so that I would have 1 to use and 1 to stare at but in the end, I decided that I could put that money to better use.

2 Lipstick, 1 Lipglass, 1 Eye Kohl, 1 Lip Pencil.

Top: Lip Pencil in Life's A Breeze. Bottom: Eye Kohl in Float On By

Lipglass in Splashing

Pretty packaging.

For the next 2 pictures, please excuse my chipping nail polish/nail.

Lipstick in Beachbound (Glaze). Very pretty for the summer. I like it so much I ordered a backup. XD

Lipstick in Lazy Daisy (Lustre). This picture reminds me of the Viva Glam Gaga.
Left to Right: Lazy Daisy, Beachbound, Splashing, Float On By, Life's A Breeze.

Since I started to get into makeup/skincare, my collection has increased dramatically. I went from (A) a simple Caboodle's case to (B) the Caboodles + a 6 drawer Sterilite container to (C) the Caboodles + a 6 drawer Sterilite container + the TS-22... This does not include the items that I use daily that is on top of this (I tried to use the drawers like Richie did here) and in the bathroom. It is getting a bit scary to me. The hubby does not complain but I need to figure out what's the next step that I can take to organize because everything is overflowing again. Anyone got suggestions?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

VOV Castledew Diacut Eyes Swatches

So I received my gmarket order about 2 weeks ago but did not have time to do the swatches till now.

I got the Castledew Diacut Eyes in BE905 and BE906. The box for BE906 is in white. I'm not sure if it is limited edition or just a special package compared to the typical box on the right. Also pictured but not swatched is the Castledew Watershot Foundation.

BE906 & BE905

BE905 - Blackish Smokey. So pretty!!!
Colors from left to right:
Top - Skin Gold, Natural Peach, Soul Silver.
Middle - Khakish, Brownish, Navish.
Bottom - Blackish Khaki, Blackish Brown, Blackish Black.
What is up with the names?!

Swatches of BE905

BE906 - Airy Bloom Dia. Gorgeous!!!
Colors from left to right:
Top - Airy Sugar, Airy Mint, Airy Shine.
Middle - Airy Blue, Airy Yellow, Airy Peach.
Bottom - Airy Lavender, Airy Gray, Airy Brown.

BE906 w/o flash... Sorry, I don't have good daylight in my apartment.

BE906 w/flash. Since these colors are lighter, it was really hard to get a good picture.

I love Castledew! The packaging reminds me of Jill Stuart items but is more affordable.


Come Back Giveaway

Hello!!! As promised, I am doing a giveaway now because I was too busy to organize a 1 year of blogging giveaway. :)

Summer sessions are starting next week after Memorial Day but I will be done with school after this summer so woohoo for me!!!

Anyways, on to the giveaway. Here is the prize:

Products include a mix of perfume samples, a Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Liptint in 020 Peach, a e.l.f. Studio Shimmering Palette, a Mark Bronzing Powder, a Loreal HIP Blendable Blushing Creme in 202 Coquette, a Skin79 Oriental BB Creme (great for travel or to attach to a cellphone), and another BB Cream (15ml, pretty decent size...)

This is open to everyone (yes, international too). Here is what you have to do:

1. Be a public follower of my blog.
2. Comment and suggest a product that you can't live without (makeup/skin product only) during summer besides sunscreen.
3. EXTRA entry for those who blog about this giveaway and you must leave a link for me.
4. Leave your name and email.

NOTE: I will disqualify those whose account is only for entering giveaways.

Giveaway will close June 17th at 6pm ET. Winner will be chosen randomly.


Friday, April 30, 2010

方大同- 够不够

In love with Khalil Fong currently... Especially with this song. :)

Love his voice!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

G-Market Mini Haul

Taking some time off from studying....G-market is so addictive... I can spend hours browsing if I had the time... My last order was Aug 09 where I ordered tons of Castledew products... Well, this order is again of Castledew orders but I didn't go so crazy. The past few months that I have been away from blogging, I learned to control the compulsive clicking of the mouse! No, I'm lying... I wish I learned that. I still add stuff into the shopping cart like there is no tomorrow but before I check out, I try hard to question: do I need it? or do I want it?

So I ordered a Castledew Watershot Foundation and 2 out of 5 new eyeshadow palettes. I decided on:

Even though I did not order the other palettes, I want to mention 2 other.
This is the M601 and it is gorgeous even though I am not much of a brown e/s person. I first saw swatches here and fell in love. I will probably order when I graduate because this looks like it could be my everyday work e/s palette.

The other that I will eventually order is the M602. The seller on Gmarket did not have a great picture so googled it. I found this Korean blog here and here is a picture from her site:

Isn't it gorgeous? The swatches from the blog is very pretty but I find that it might be too light and sheer for my taste. It probably won't stop me from collecting it eventually..

Should I post swatches when I receive my order after finals??


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello!!!!!!!! Time sure has sure passed rather quickly. I have been really busy the past few months because of school. Note to self: NEVER take 2 intensive writing courses at the same time!! I didn't completely disappear, I have been "ghosting" around if that's a term. It's just 2 1/2 more weeks and this semester is over. I will hopefully be blogging more once I'm done with finals.

Since I have been busy lately I didn't really have time to organize a giveaway for blogging for (almost) 1 full year. Will definitely be doing one after finals so stay tuned!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Year of the Tiger!!!

I have not been posting for some time but hopefully I will be back soon...

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Chinese/Korean New Year!!!!