Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I saw that Girl's Generation came out with a NEW Mini Album!! The title is "Tell Me Your Wish/Genie" Look at their legs!!! They make me want to go on a diet!

Jessica is so gorgeous with her long hair!! And the color! She looks a tiny bit like BoA in this picture though (my opinion)...


More Hauls

Got my copy of The Sims 3 : Collector's Edition from Amazon. Love it!

Picked up a Eco-Tools Brush Set from the local Rite-Aid.

As always, placing orders online for makeup based on the websites swatches is really risky.... I placed an order with MAC because they recently had a 25% off sale. I got (clockwise) a Mineralized Skin Finish in Refined, a Mineralized Shadow (Duo) in Sea & Sky, a Pigment in Mutiny, and e/s pro palette refills in Electra, Aquadisiac, and Creme de Violet.

The picture with flash would not come out right but the e/s colors are brighter than shown.

My last package is from SaSa.

I got a Kose Clear Turn White Mask with Q10 and a Sulwhasoo Clear Mask.

(Clockwise) Kanebo NAIVE Deep Clear Makeup Cleansing Sheet, Innisfree 02 Pore Mask Pack, Kanebo NAIVE Makeup Cleansing Foam Peach, and Innisfree Home Spa Yogurt Pack in Apple, Blueberry, and Apricot.

A Be Creation Sweet Love Set. It includes a box with 5 sheet masks, a rose mirror, and a nose/pore scrubber thing (don't know the exact name).

The last item I got is the Bison Cherry Blossom Lip Cream. I have to admit I am a sucker to packaging....especially when it is cute.

I can't wait to go back to my mom's house over the weekend! We got a 2 month old kitten from my co-worker!! He is so cute!!! I didn't have my camera with me this past weekend so I will try to take pictures this weekend! His name was "EmGuy" according to my co-worker but my mom kept calling it "meow-meow" so we decided to call him "Sing-Sing" which means "Star" in Cantonese... It was another version of what Stephen Chow is called in Cantonese... Yes, I am a fan. I can even sing the ridiculous songs in his movies...

Buying too much makeup/skincare stuff! Gotta go buy some clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories....


Monday, June 22, 2009


Hmm... I received many packages the past 2 weeks... Going to post some finally...

My 1st mihokofamily order. I got a Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette in VI 782 and a Rohto Lycee EyeDrop for contacts. Hmm.... This is my first time buying a Majo Majo Palette and I'm not so sure that I like it... The colors are so sheer and maybe even a little too shimmery... Still, I am a sucker for purple-ish e/s.

From Sephora, I picked up a few items but only kept 1: POP Bright Blues Eye Cake and got a Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Sample (7 g). I have not used the Enzyme Peel yet but from my first glance of the actual product, it reminds me of the DHC Washing Powder.

Got a new pack of contacts... They have new packaging and a new name. I used to use Focus Night & Day but the new name is now Focus Air Optix Night & Day. I can only wear this brand because of the breathability (is that a word? LOL).

Went out to Chinatown in Manhatten this past Saturday with a aunt, a cousin, and my sister. Had some ramen at Ajisen Noodle Restaurant on Mott St. I went there this time expecting them to charge a 2% gratuity fee like the last time I went but they did not. Instead, the food ramen sucked this time. I was not happy at all because I chose this place this time and the food was only mediocre. I also did not like the fact the almost all the waitress/waiters were hovering and staring at me eat! Anyways, after some grub, we bought some CD's and then we stopped by the Hong Kong Supermarket. I picked up a Naive BodyWash in Peach. I love the smell of this body wash and it came with a refill!!

Hmmm... I picked up a skirt for work from H&M. I saw this set of emerald green satin bow hair clip. They also had it in black but this green stood out to me.

OOOh yeah!! I almost forgot!! I got a new rice cooker, the CUCKOO IH Electric Pressure Rice Cooker and Warmer for 6!!! I did not fully read the directions before using it and this rice cooker scared me when it made some wierd whistling noise when it was almost finished cooking! I thought something was about to blow up in my apartment!! Nevertheless, it is a great rice cooker. It is from HMart. I love it!!!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Bobbi Brown

Happy Summer Bobbi Brown Summer shopping event is going on from June 8th to the 11th. The sale is 25% off all products! Enter code: SUMMER1. Going to go order now!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Need or Want?

I have been trying to take pictures for FOTD but the pictures do not come out clear.... It could be my shaky hand or even the lack of natural lighting in my apartment.... I honestly do not need a new camera but I do want one. I am still using my Canon PowerShot SD600 (Digital Elf) from a few years back.... 

I have been put into a really awkward situation at work recently... I do not know whether I should be pissed off or happy... Have not really been in the mood to do much the past few weeks so I just read books and watched anime to distract myself regarding work and to prevent myself from ordering too much make up/ facial care items.... I did alright in my opinion for about 3 weeks... I finally caved and ordered stuff from sasa, sephora, and mihokofamily. Will post pictures when I get the packages. I can't wait!!