Monday, August 31, 2009

Gmarket Haul!!!!

So after work today, I rushed to the post office... When I handed the lady the yellowish slip with the tracking number, she went to go look for it. After a minute or so, I started getting scared... She couldn't find my package!!! I was crying inside! It took her some more time before she found it and she brought another package that I did not know about. My ebay purchase also arrived (I did not know it had tracking) but I'm not going to post that because I'm mad about the product... It is not like the picture...

So I went home right away and ripped open my package... I got a little bit mad again... One of the sellers I ordered from went mad with tape.... He/She taped all over some of the boxes... It took me a long time to carefully remove the tape... My mood lifted once I got to see the actual items.... :D Ready??

These are the items I chose. :D

All Etude House items starting from the top left going clockwise:
1. Color Me Nude Lip Concealer
2. Nail Polish #38
3. Peach Water Gloss in #2 Strawberry Milk
4. Cute & Sexy Eyes in #2 Peach Pink

The precious Castledew Color Shot Eyes! Isn't the package pretty? The top is mirror like.

My body looks so wierd!!

Castledew Color Shot Eyes VL330

Castledew Color Shot Eyes GD240 The one that Ha Ji Won is modeling in the ad!!

Castledew Color Shot Eyes #5

Castledew Color Shot Eyes #2

The super precious Diacut Eyes and Diacut Cheek!! I love!!


E902 Planet Shine Star


Hmm... I just realized I forgot to take off the plastic protective sheet when taking the pictures.... It's just a tad bit shiny looking.

These are the free gifts??? The green package with Yoona are sanitary napkins by YeJiMin, a Korean Brand. The Green Tea Body Nature are shower gels. These came free when I bought the 2 Diacut Eyes and the Diacut Cheeks. The free gifts towards the from and the right are from the Etude House seller after buying a certain amount... The pink and purple thing are towelettes. The green tube is a Sweet Appleade Body Wash and the light blue package is a Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Powder Wash sample.

I have not even tested any one of the Castledew palettes yet and I'm thinking "I have buy the other palettes too!!!" There is definitely something wrong with me... :D



dlbc said...

The diamond packaging is really cute. I hope you enjoy it. Please follow my blog too if you can. I do try to post a lot.

Manju said...

those castledew palettes are absolutely gorgeous! first time i'm hearing abt tat brand though. are they really pigmented?

amynaree said...

cute haul! i'v been wanting to try castledew blushes...their packaging is so cute!

i love etude house lipglosses

rhaindropz said...

wow.. i loved the palettes!!!

sizbelle said...

wow, you bought 4 castledew palette at a go? Its really pretty, quick do a swatch i want to get some too... Etude i oso want to try them, they are quite generous in free gifts too.

lordofstones said...

The palettes are so pretty! Which gmarket seller did you buy from?

Aralka said...

so many nice things!
palettes look totally amazing!
Was it expensive?

Shopn'Chomp said...

I am in awe. WOW.

P.S Thanks for answering my q! :D

Miss.Friendz said...

Great haul, the packaging of the Castledew color shot eyes are so pretty.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

WOW what a fantastic haul, you always do the best haul Yui :)

Lisa J. said...

Heart Etude House!!~ The cheek palette is so prreetty!~ Haha no worries, there's nothing wrong with you. You're just being a girl!

mrsdumpling422 said...

I will do swatches soon! :)

I ordered from 화장을 고치고, 뷰티페이스샵, and 에뛰드하우스 직영샵.

Mary said...

those palettes look soo pretty!!..

swatches please!! lol


Emily said...

omg gmarket really seems so awesome, really thinking of buying there,

all the stuff u got r just soooo pretty!!

so awesome that they even gave such great gifts to u :D