Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's In My Bag

The lovely Ena tagged me again! This time to show what's in my bag. :D

I am currently using my HK LE Longchamp bag.

My planner from gmarket and my beloved DS! :D

My LV wallet that my husband bought me for my birthday this year.

Very important!! Keys. See the green membership card? TheFaceShop. :D HK is the key home so I don't have to look so hard when I'm tired. Haha.. Lazy me.

Clockwise starting from the Left: Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotion (I ran out of my fav DHC Olive Hand Cream recently...*tears*), Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Mist, Kleenex, another very important item: Purell, and some alcohol wipes

I like having a choice so I have fruity and minty gum. I almost always have a granola bar in my bag for the times I start shaking....

Protection for my eyes.

My Sony Ericsson cellphone. Can you guess who I love? My mother says I'm wierd because of me loving him at my age. My husband gets a bit jealous, LOL.

Stamps for my planner.

So cute!! Yes, some of the cuter stamps has Korean phrases. I can read and understand them though. The little shopping bag has a star in the middle... I tried 2x but it still does not show that well..

My makeup pouch from Walmart for $3.
Cute red stripes..

1. Lycee Contact Rewetting Drops
2. a comb
3. Listerine PocketMist (I like having fresh breath, LOL)
4. DHC Moisture Care LipGloss in LGB04
5. MAC Suntints Liquid Lip Balm in Full of Grace
6. Etude Lip Stick in PK003
7. DHC Olive Oil Cotten Swabs (great for the cuticles)
8. some scrunchies
9. Burt's Bee's Lip Balm
10. Physician's Formula Flat Liner in Black
11. Maybelline XXL Volume and Length Microfiber Mascara
12. Mandom Corp Simplity Oil Clear Paper in Savon (clean soap scent)
13. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact
14. sample of Innisfree Olive Real Essence
15. sample of Laneige Water Bank Cream

My HK pencil bag with colorful pens for the planner. :D

Now I would like to tag Anita, Denysia, Skayylove, May, Aralka, and Lisa J. I would love to see what's inside your bags! :D



Emily said...

wah~great stuff u got in your bag

awww...the hello kitty key is sooo cute!!!!hey and i really like your sunglasses

and even the stamps r sooo cute

ooh etude house and laneige! i luv korean stuff too :D

Manju said...

your planner and stamps are so cute! ^^

May said...

You carry a lot of cute stuff in your purse. Love the stamps!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

You're so cute, you bring planner stamps with you every day?? hehe. I love that Hello Kitty key holder, so cute :) I love Kitty cat!!

Shopn'Chomp said...

I spy Andy Lau :) Your planner and DS are adorable.

Miss.Friendz said...

I can spot Mr.Lau :)
You're so cute for carrying your stamps for your planner.

sizbelle said...

wow, so fast you are done with the post, i'm still way behind haha.

I luv gums but there are ban in SG so sad, you so cute to bring along the stamps for ur planner.

OMG you got Andy in ur phone, i simply luv him. You remind me of his concert which i went last yr. He is so nice haha

AnnaCleo said...

the HK s cute! ^-^
and that's a good idea with the keys! more people should do that >u< it'll save time~

Lisa J. said...

All the things inside your bag are so cute! It's amazing how well kept your NDS is. Haha, my one is all dirty.

Thanks for tagging me.

JAY KV said...

whoa! you're able to fit so much into your bag. I just throw things in so it's usually cluttered. :/

Aralka said...

Many great stuff! I love it !
Especially your DS haha xD And Hello Kitty key chain. And stamps <33 so cute!
Thank you for tagging! :)
I will post it now!!!

Amanda K said...

I have the same wallet and I love it!!

Mimilainna said...

aw your ds is really cute!