Friday, August 7, 2009

MAC Swatches

So this post will be about some of my recent MAC products. Here goes...

From L-R: Unbasic White (Starflash), Parrot (Frost, LE), Grand Entrance (Starflash), and Aquavert (Veluxe Pearl, LE). Parrot and Aquavert was from a swap with Chiara. It does not show in the picture but Parrot is a beautiful blueish/green. Aqauvert is a beautiful highlighter. The Starflash e/s feels so smooth and the colors are really intense (can't really see it in the picture though).

To see the product itself, click here and here. I forgot to take an actual up close picture of Parrot and Aquavert so this following picture is from Chiara's Blog.

On the Left is the Suntints in Full of Grace. Honestly, I regret buying it now because even though it is the brightest pink in the collection, it still does not show up on my lips. I'm still going to use it and only because it has SPF, the texture is not too tacky, and it has convenient packaging. However, I like the Kevin Beautymaker Princess Repairing Balm that I got from iMomoko better (no SPF though). See picture here. Not only does it smell nice, it is not tacky at all, lasts for hours, and it comes in super cute container!
On the Right is the Pearlglide Eyeliner is Black Russian. It does not show in the picture but it kind of looks a bit navy to me at an angle. It applies really smooth. I love this so much that I have stopped using my MAC Fluidline this past week (also due to laziness with washing the brushes)!