Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was Tagged/Awarded by the sweet Dina recently.

She sent me the Hottest Female Blogger Award! TY!! :)

The Tag is for:

Question with one word answers:

Where is your cellphone: Sofa
Your Hair: Clean
Your Mother: Short
Your Father: Marlboro
Favorite Food: Japanese
Dream Last Night: Forgot
Favorite Drink: MilkTea
What Room Are You In: Living
Hobby: Shopping
Fear: Spiders
Where You Were Last Night: Home
Something That You Aren't: Skinny
Muffins: BananaNut
Wish List Item: MiniCooper
Where Did You Grow Up: New Jersey
What Are You Wearing? PJ's
Your Pets: None
Friends: Sigh
Something Your Not Wearing: Slippers
Favorite Store: H-Mart
Favorite Color: Blue
Last Time You Laughed: Today
Your Best Friend: Oppa
Place You Go To Over And Over: Home
Person Who Emails You Regularly: Spam
Favorite Place To Eat: Home

I would like to tag any of my readers that have not done this already and would like to! :)

Dina also sent me the Gorgeous Blogger Award, Kreativ Blogger, and Beautiful Blogger which I have done in previous posts. Thanks again! :)

I checked my CC statement today and all the boxes n bags of stuff I got the past month (alot of which I did not post here which includes clothes and other misc things)... It's bananas!! I need to either use what I have or try to sell the ones I don't use or don't ever plan on using... I need "TRY" to do a No Buy until December... :(

I guess that now is the time to work on some good Bento Box recipes to help save money, LOL.



amynaree said...

i need to do a no buy as well, but it's so hard!! i also got my statement and i've been spending way too much over the past month!

sizbelle said...

guess all of us are on no buy too, my statement is not here yet but think the figure would freak me out too...

Uinisan said...

online shopping is quite tempting these days especially leading up to the Christmas holidays... but you're right better not get too crazy about shopping currently because money is sure tight~~~ hahhahahaa...I'm new on blogger... so I've never done a single tag before might think of doing one when I get time coz you can really get to know ppl through these awards and tags heheheeh

Dina (XYYan) said...

thanks for doing the tags =)

~raspy~ said...

same here... i've overspent this month.. when my credit card bill comes, i think i'll faint!

MiuMiu said...

i'm so with you on the mini cooper spiders and milk tea!