Friday, October 16, 2009

Nordstrom Haul

Remember this picture I posted recently? It is the picture found on the Nordstrom site for Christian Dior and I got my package yesterday! :)

I only ordered 2 products and I got 3 packs of goodies!! :)

Christian Dior Deluxe Travel Palette
Why did I buy this?

For $75, you get all this!!

A reg palette @ Sephora is like $56-$58 and you only get 5 E/S colors. With the Sephora F&F sale coming up next week, I checked if this was being sold there... This is 1 of 4 items being sold @Nordstrom but not Sephora.

Beautiful colors all in 1 palette! XD

The pretty lippy! The color is Organdi Pink 257. Sorry for horrible lighting. It has been raining and I have no natural lighting...

CD DiorSnow Protection UV in Translucent with SPF 50 - PA+++

Free CD Gift with $95 purchase.

Aww!! I did not want to unwrap it!!


Free samples!

This is the Free GWP.

Will I still haul @ Sephora next week? The question is now more of "do I need to" or "do I want to"? XD

I am not liking the weather.... It is raining and freezing.... I was lucky for it was not raining when I went to work and when I left...



Lisa J. said...

That's a lot of samples. The palette is so pretty!! Can you please do a review on the DiorSnow Protection UV in Translucent soon? Thanks.

Mary said...

wow...that is a lot of samples!..that's good though, since those full sized items are $$$. The Dior palette is gorgeous!

Uinisan said...

I'm absolutely loving all the eyeshadow duos in the pallette...hope to see some swatches and reviews on all you've gotten... and all the freebies looks interesting too hehehhee... Take care now

May said...

The Dior palette is pretty:)

AnnaCleo said...

those look gorgeous! >u<
wanna get some myself =3

FriendzCentury said...

Nice haul, the travel palette seems to be well worth the money for the items you get in one set.

Aralka said...

amazing package.
and you also got some samples? great!

Emily said...

omg dior!!!! thats so amazing, i always loved how dior looks, wish i can buy it someday, thanks so much for sharing, its great stuff u got, such a great haul!

Mary in Wonder said...

soooooo many freebies!!!! *___* *envious*
and the palette is very pretty!
other stores should do this and throw after me tons of samples....not just one or two >__>

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

That DIor eye shadow palate is really worth getting 3 sets of shadows!!! :) what a fantastic haul and all those samples!!! :)

~raspy~ said...

Woah!!! That's quite a haul!!! The Dior palette looks really really pretty!!

Yumeko said...

wowowwow u got some gorgeous things!!