Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Orders on the way!!!

I woke up today and ran ahead of my husband to use the internet :D. Ordered my first Pretty Pink Box. He was saying to me: "just because they sent you a reminder does not mean that you have to get it!" but I got it anyways. The reason I got one is because I saw it on wuzzyangel's blog.  

My friend picked me up wayyyy tooo fast and then we went to do some errands (I sent out the package Chiara! :D ) and then went to go shopping (after picking up another friend). We wanted to have Minado's but someone had to have a bagel before hand so there is no point in paying for a person at a buffet if the person is not going to eat right? >.<

Now I'm home and finally going to  post some things from the past 2 weeks....

Some E.L.F. eyelashes... Gotta practice with cheap ones before I get expensive ones :D

Picked up some hair stuff from Forever21. Love the satin look!

Random shoe from my closet :D by irregular choice

I placed an order last friday from CherryCulture because of the NYX 10 year anniversary sale... This will be my first time owning NYX cosmetics.... Will do a post when I get them. :D Can't wait!

I also placed on order with Forever21. My husband has been complaining that I am buying too much makeup and not enough clothes and shoes.... *GASP* But I can never have enough makeup!!! (Yes, I think I have an addiction....) 

O.O Now to mention the food. So I saw that Bittenbefore picked up this Korean snack a while back from her trip to Korea so I picked a package up from Han Ah Reum. 

I did not cook it. My husband did. 

While I was writing my paper this weekend....

I have a subscription to the FoodNetwork Magazine. Yup. I cook. Before this makeup addiction, I used to buy lots of kitchen stuff. I wanted to share this recipe they had in the Thai section for May's issue. I <33