Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FIN + Update

Yeah!! I just finished my last final!! I can relax more now. 

The weather is so wierd! One day, it's sweating hot. Today its chilly again.... I want to break out the summer clothes already!!!

My  mother went to Peru recently with my aunts and uncle. They were going to switch for another plane for Argentine but because of the swine flu precautions, a team of doctors spent time checking everyone before they could step off the plane .... They could not board the plane on time so that screwed up the whole point of the trip which was to visit an aunt....

She did bring back some popular snack.... Or so my uncles friends said over there. Supposedly when alot of Canadian-Chinese visit, they buy tons of this to bring back to their families as gifts... I personally did not like the taste of it. I found the name funny though... King Kong. She also brought back some kind of instant black corn juice powder... I have no intentions to ever touch that...

I got my first MPPB order on Sat! It was really fast shipping. I got a travel Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play, Garden Botanika Cranapple Slipgloss, Prometheus Cosmetics Kissable Lip Plumper, 4 shadow shields (2 sets), 2 sample jars of Eyeko 3 in 1 cream sample (colors not labeled), Elysee ESCoCeuticals BioAccel-SB Serum (giving this to my mother), Fuchess Marden Creme Cleanser, Beautiful Uglies Pigment Sample in Frost, and the BeautyTicket coupon.  It was very exciting opening it up because you don't know what your getting but I'm really happy about the sizes of the products for the amount that I paid. Sometimes, I try out a 1x use packet of something and then buy the full product to realize that it is not good for me... The samples here are enough for a few good uses. I am thinking about 2 boxes next time :D 

Picked up some nail polishes... From L-R: Bar-B, Lavender Creme, Caribbean Frost, and Bijiou Blue.

I stopped by the MAC counter at Macy's.... Some MUAs loves me and some hates me. Everytime I go, there is always the one person who ignores me and then regrets it. I always know exactly what I want when I go so I am a easy customer. Because I know what I want, I buy alot at once compared to the girls that are always taking so long and then only buy like 2 glosses... I picked up 5 e/s, a Prep and Prime Lash, and a Prep and Prime Skin. When the MUA that ignored me finally came over to ring up the other girl, the eyes stared at me upon hearing my total. :D I felt a lot better. My purchase came out to be ~ $110. Honestly, this amount might not be alot to some people but compared to the other girl who bought 2 glosses only.... Why does this keep happening to me though?

With Flash. Colors from L-R: Goldmine (Frost), Gleam (Lustre), Honey Lust (L), RetroSpeck (L), and Crystal Avalanche (Veluxe Pearl). 
Without Flash. (Kinda shaky...sorry!)

:D I bought a MAC Pro Palette. I got this package today via the UPS man whom I love because there is never B/S with him. He is also very nice and my packages are always on time. USPS on the other hand... According to the tracking for my CoastalScents Package, they attempted delivery today at 9:13 am. I was home until 1 pm. WTF?!?! Not only that, they left no notice for me even though they say that "a notice was left". Grrr.... Anyways, I am planning to fill this palette up soon. I already depotted my Goldmine and my Retrospeck. 

I am still waiting for my CherryCulture order. It is taking forever. I placed a order the 1st day of the 10 Year Anniversary Sale and it left CA on May 7 according to USPS tracking but there has been no update since... All I can do is wait because it is USPS.... Not going to expect exceptional service... Especially after today.... 

I received my Forever21 order but I'm returning more than 1/2 my order. The way the packer stuffed it into the tiny box messed up some pieces bigtime... I will post the hair stuff in my next post....

I dug out this really old Tony and Tina Lip Palette....The mirror says: "Smile. You're Beautiful". I'm thinking about cleaning out all the old gloss to reuse the container. It can hold up to 5 colors but it will be a little messy...

I recently started using the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel  and Water Sleeping Pact and so I have promoting it among family and friends because I love it so much... I got a Polish friend into it and now she wants to get it too! Yeah!! I am going get to go to the Laneige store and The Face Shop store in Palisades Park next week. Yes!!! I will get to see the actual products that they carry instead of looking it up online and asking the Husband to pick it up for me "if" they carry it... Any suggestion?