Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

It's mother's day weekend and the weekend before 3 of my finals! grrrr! Not good...

Picked up a Garnier Nutritioniste exfoliator for myself... Hope it will be good. The green tube is the exfoliator. The white one is a moisturizer with SPF 15.

Stopped by Walgreens today to get some FaceShop masks but they did not have all the ones that I wanted! >.<

Stopped by Sephora to pick up some Clinique All About the Eyes for part of the Mother's day gift x 3. Why x 3? Everytime my sister and I give something skincare related nowadays, she always tells 2 aunts about it and then they want it too. >.< Tiffany loves it so I thought I would give it a try since I need one for the summer and it is 2 in one (face and body) so all the better! 

I go to Macy's next but should I have? Guess what I see at the Shiseido counter? A skincare set for the summer with the exact product I just picked up at Sephora!! ............So I buy it. :D It comes with a 3.3 fl. oz Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 55 PA+++, a .6 oz Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 32 PA+++, a 2.5 fl. oz Ultimate Cleansing Oil, a .25 fl. oz White Lucent Concentrated Brightening Serum, and a .25 fl. oz White Lucent Brightening Serum for Neck and Decolletage. I almost forgot the insanely bright orange pouch.... >.<

Now I am finally home.... I go online and browse... Guess what I see now? LOL. Sephora has another set! 

This set has a 2.5 oz Ultimate Cleansing Oil, a 2 oz Sun Protection Cream, a 0.14 oz Lip Treatment, a 0.06 Eye Cream, 4x Refreshing Cleansing Sheets, and a Mini Orange Pouch ( that I might actually use....).

 I don't know which set I want now.... The main product in one set is a lotion and the other is a cream.... Should I return the Macy's set too and get the set from Sephora? 



Tiffany said...

LOL I hate when that happens to me >< anywho yay you bought it :D.. I'm probably gonna go get a set for myself too, i'd probably get the lotion set though, since its lighter for summer? cream might be too heavy for the warm weather :3 but the sephora set seems tempting with the other stuff it comes with x] ahh, nah i'll just get the full size set from macys xD thanks for posting, im going to macys tomorrow~! Lol