Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My Paul & Joe order from ASOS a few days ago. I was so happy!!

P&J LE Eye Color Palette in 001

P&J LE Eye Color Palette in 002

P&J LE Lipstick Backstage 061

I'm not even going to expect much from this lipstick because MiuMiu mentioned that it is sheer. I got greedy too because it was on sale... I did not even bother researching any of these P&J items...

P&J LE Makeup Pouch

P&J LE Lip Color 001

The lipstick is really sheer! It does not show up on my lips (very pigmented) at all... feels like a lip balm...

P&J LE Face Color 001


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aveeno Intense Relief Repair Cream

So Summer 08, I went with a friend to Beach Bum Tanning. It was my first time and I purchased a package... I got a package of 10 sessions for the Platinum level (3rd from the the most expensive) because the SA said that I won't burn as easily in the more expensive machines.... I did not burn until towards the end of my package and I did use a indoor tanning lotion (generously too).... That is when all my skin problems started.... My skin became so sensitive that for a while, I could not use wash clothes, body wash puff things, or anything that can possible irritate my skin further because I was in so much pain.... For the 1st week that I burned I went through 2 bottles of body lotion... and 3 bottles of facial lotion (I did not have creams then because I never needed it...). My skin eventually got a bit better... It stopped hurting me... But my skin did not go back to the way it used to be.... Throughout the winter I still had to reapply creams at least 3-4x's a day....I went through so many brands but nothing helped.... It was extremely annoying....

The cream that I found to finally help is Aveeno Active Naturals Intense Relief Repair Cream. I got it at Walmart for $12.99.

On the back of the tub:
This rich body cream provides intense moisturization to soothe irritated, dry skin on contact and provide significant relief in just one day. The breakthrough formula contains pure oat essence and ceramides, essential lipids found deep within the surface of the skin that play a key role in helping to restore the skin's protective function. Used daily, this cream can actually help repair dry, irritated skin in as little as one week for skin that looks and feels healthier. Trusted for use on sensitive skin.
Ingredients: Water, glycerin, distearyldimonium chloride, petrolatum, isopropyl palmatate, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, avena sativa (oat) kernal flour, avena sativa (oat) kernal oil, avena sativa (oat) kernal extract, ceramide 3, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), benzyl alcohol, methylparaben, steareth-20, sodium chloride.

My thoughts:
The smell is oaty (is that a word?? LOL)... It reminds me of bland oatmeal... So it only has a slight smell to me. Using this cream, I really did feel relief within just one day! Within a few days, I could just apply it just once a day and I was fine. I cannot go back to using lotions anymore, even though it is Summer now..... I love this cream!!! So I would give this 5/5!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Laneige Water Sleeping Pact Plus

This product is one of my first Laneige items and I am in love with it. Read here about my skin trouble... I got this product from the Amore shop in Palisades Park, NJ for $20 for 80mL/2.7 FL. OZ.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pact Plus is a gel based cream light enough to wear to bed for all night moisture renewal and revitalized skin in the morning. During sleeping, the conductor of Vitamin E gives you a vibrant and healthy skin texture.

According to the Laneige website:
-Convenient gel-typed sleeping pack that provides vitality to the skin with an intensive supply of hydration while sleeping.
-Vitamin E derivative ingredients function to wake up tired skin with vitality.
-Himalaya Snow Renew Water that contains 70 kinds of snow minerals provides nutrition and vitality to the skin and realizes the transparent and pure skin from deep inside of skin.
-Pentavitin-R ingredient known as moisture magnet provides the sufficient hydration into skin and increases the water retaining power. It provides moisturized skin until the morning by improving water retention power inside skin.

My thoughts:
The smell is light and pleasant. This product has helped my previous dry skin into my normal skin. Now I can use lotions on my face again thanks to this Water Sleeping Pack Plus. I still use it 1x a week. Sometimes if my cheeks feel a little dry, I only apply it to that area before I apply my base makeup. Hydrated skin = happy skin! :D I definitely give this 5/5 and would buy this again!!


First FOTD!

My first FOTD...

Why did I choose Purple as the eye color for my 1st FOTD? I don't know. Baby Blue is my favorite color yet I buy more purple than blue...

Anyways, here is what I used:
- Etude House Top 10 V-Line BB Cream
- Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation in Sand Beige #23 (only used the concealer on the top white section)
- MAC Prep and Prime Skin
- TFS Gel Eye Liner in Black
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin #20
- MAC Prep and Prime Lash
- The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara #01 (Black)
- MAC Eye Pencil in Black Funk
- Avon Eye Liner in Black, Eco Tools Concealer Brush
- ELF Eye Shadow Brush
- Etude House Eye Liner Brush
- MAC HK Lustre Lipstick in Cute-ster
- MAC HK Lipglass in Mimmy
- Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette in VI782


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sulwhasoo Clear Mask (설화수 옥용팩)

So in a recent haul from Sasa, I got my first product from Sulwhasoo - Clear Mask (설화수 옥용팩) for $34.10. Why did I get it? It is a brand under Amore Pacific which makes my current addiction: Laneige.

From the little pamphlet inside the box:

Product Features:
Sulwhasoo Clear Mask is made from finely powdered Polygonatum Officinale, one of nature's most nutritive infredients. Herbal ingredients such as extracts from Portulaca Oleracea, Lonicera Japonica and Honey as well as JaEumDan and JaEumBoWeeDan have been added to give an even, soft and silky texture to the skin. While drawing out deep dwelling impurities, those herbal ingredients penetrate deep into the skin for a smooth, refined and healthy glowing skin.

[Deep JaEum provides extra moisture to the skin.]
Korean Herbal Medicine Theory asserts that women who lack "Yin" energy will have the symptoms of skin dryness. When skin becomes dry, it will lose its clarity and elasticity, which is considered to be the major cause of skin trouble and aging. JaEum, which provides essential cure for skin dryness, is the fundamental element in achieving skin beauty. After continuous years of research, Sulwhasoo, having used JaEumDan as a cure for symptoms of skin dryness, has also developed JaEumBoWeeDan to enhance the effectiveness of JaEumDan. With JaEumDan and JaEumBoWeeDan, symptoms of skin dryness can now be treated at a more fundamental level.

What is JaEumDan?
JaEumDan is a group of five herbal medicine ingredients -Polygonatum Officinale, Nelumbo Nucifera, Paeonia Lactiflora, Rehmannia Glutinosa and Lilium Tigrinum - carefully selected to treat dry skin dryness.

What is JaEumBoWeeDan?
JaEumBoWeeDan is a scientifically proven group of five herbal ingredients - Chrysanthemum Morifolium, Lonicera Japonica, Coix Lacrymajobi, Prunus Armeniaca and Equisetum Arvense - which enhance the effectiveness of JaEumDan.

[Healthier skin with enhanced blood circulation.]
Active circulation in the skin is considered very important in Korean herbal medicine. This is because the effectiveness of herbal medicine depends on how well it can be absorbed into the skin and circulated. With significantly enhanced skin penetration coming from advanced research, and fortified cosmetic methods, Sulwhasoo provides greater brightness and nutrition to the skin.

[Deep skin relaxation provides brightness to the skin.]
Scents strongly affect the state of one's soul. A relaxed mind enhances circulation in the skin. Unique scent of Korean herbal medicine will comfort you and provide relaxation to both body and soul.

Fresh out of the tube! (When the smell is the strongest!!) on the back of my left hand.
Spread out...See all the black specks? Herbal Medicine.
Dried. Ready to peel.
Not cleanly peeled but see the difference? The skin around that test area is kinda dry and shiny... The test patch is now so so soft and smooth.

The smell of the mask is exactly like herbal medicine. I do not like the smell at all but it is bearable because I did drink herbal medicine while growing up. As the mask dried, I no longer noticed the scent. After peeling it off my face, my skin felt soft, smooth, and appeared to be a little brighter. I felt so clean. :D (Yes, the pictures above are of my hand but I also did my face.)

I have only tried 1 other peel off mask before and it is the Queen Helene Grape Seed Extract and that was years ago so I don't even remember how well it worked. So, yes, I would buy this again. I would have to give this item a 4/5 just because of the smell. It is great if you can stand the herbal scent.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Since EVERYONE is ordering from ASOS and Rouge Deluxe mentioned on her blog about some Paul & Joe items being current steals, I placed an order of ALL P&J items!!!

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Eye Color Palette Ingenue 001

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Eye Color Palette Starlet 002

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Lipstick Backstage 061

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Face Color & Lipstick Kit 001

Shipping was only $6 but I don't know if my credit card is going to charge a little extra for the currency exchange... Either way, it's wayyyy cheaper than buying from BeautyHabit!!! So excited since these will be my first Paul & Joe items...
*Sigh* I was supposed to not buy any makeup so that I can get a new cellphone...


Thursday, July 2, 2009

GMarket + TFS

My GMarket package came in!!! Amazing thing is the products now have English on it!

Etude House Top 10 V-Line Maker
Formulated with Caffiene for face slimming. V-Line Maker shades and highlights facial features to diminish facial size appearance. Bronze tone for natural look.

Etude House Top 10 V-Line BB Cream SPF27/PA++
Formulated with Aloe Vera for moisturizing and Caffiene for face slimming. BB Cream promotes a clear and healthy V-Line complexion. Bronze tone for darker complexions or slightly tanned look.

Dr. Lash Ampule Long and Volume
Dr. Lash Ampule is a highly concentrated gel formulated with Dr. Lash Complex, a vitamin and herbal extract compound, to strenghthen and nourish eyelashes for healthy, voluminous look.

Pink Lady Diary
It is labeled as a Diary but it is a planner that I plan on using when the Fall semester starts...

These are the pages in between months.

Stickers that were included.

Free gift!!!

Another free gift!! Secret eSpoir perfumed body travel set. Inside is a firming lotion and a shower gel.

Also, the hubby got me another Ceci Magazine. the June 2009 issue.

So pretty!!

The free gift is a Clio Professional Art Lipgloss A104 Sugar Peach and a Waterproof Eyeliner in Black.

Now to my TFS items I picked up yesterday... I only wanted to buy some sheet masks but I kept on throwing items into the basket... It does not help that they keep some BB Creams by the Cashier....

A box of Cotton Pads, a box of 10 Q10 Hemirus Sheet Masks (never heard of it but on sale for $8!), and a Pure Blossom Shimmering BB Cream SPF 15 PA+(!!!!).

More sheet masks.... Acerola, Jasmine and Fennel, and 2 Tea Tree n Bergamot. I have now tried alot from TFS and I cannot use the Vitamin Sheet Masks... They make my face tingle in a bad way...

TFS Foundation 13 Pure Beige, Gel Eyeliner (not so dried out this time....) and some samples.

I actually use 2-4 sheet masks a week now...

I am such a sucker for cute/pretty packaging...

I have to really try to stop buying makeup/skincare for a bit so I can get the Iphone 3Gs when I can finally get it through the upgrade price...