Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My Paul & Joe order from ASOS a few days ago. I was so happy!!

P&J LE Eye Color Palette in 001

P&J LE Eye Color Palette in 002

P&J LE Lipstick Backstage 061

I'm not even going to expect much from this lipstick because MiuMiu mentioned that it is sheer. I got greedy too because it was on sale... I did not even bother researching any of these P&J items...

P&J LE Makeup Pouch

P&J LE Lip Color 001

The lipstick is really sheer! It does not show up on my lips (very pigmented) at all... feels like a lip balm...

P&J LE Face Color 001



Shanghainese Dumpling said...

OMG that's such nice haul, they're so cute and pretty hehe, you have to do a look with all of those you have purchased, well done :) I like the 001 eye colour palette & thanks for swatching the pink lipstick, cos I would have no idea that it's that sheer, looked like a strong pigmented lip stick