Wednesday, March 25, 2009

gmarket haul

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!!

He got his new phone today and ended up playing with it all morning till he went to work while I was going through my gmarket package....

-Etude BB Magic Balm (with free brush)
-Etude Orgel Light Eyeliner Pot in #1 Black
-꽃보다 남자 Earring
-꽃보다 남자 Necklace
-VOV Show Case Ball on Cheek #1 Bebe Pink
-Etude Orgel Light Eyeliner Pot in #4 Grey

-Etude BB Magic Balm (with free brush)
I love this very much. It is definitely thicker than BB Creams and works better to cover all the redness on my skin... It kind of works as a concealer for me and it has SPF 30! 

VOV Show Case Ball on Cheek #1 Bebe Pink
I fell in love when I saw this. It is so adorable! It smells so pretty too!!!

-Etude Orgel Light Eyeliner Pot #4 Grey
#1 Black did not come in a box... I like the pretty boxes....

Left is the grey and thus right is black.
Pretty pink boxes holding lovely jewelry!!!!

꽃보다 남자 earrings!!!!! I fell in love when I saw that Gmarket was selling it! Had to get it!!

꽃보다 남자 necklace in the biggest size that the seller offered. Isn't it pretty???

My free gift. At first, I did not know what it was. I was thinking, did I get a box of tissue? I asked hubby to read the korean but it did not say what it contained but it is actually makeup cotton pads of some sort. A nice tissue box size full!!!


pinkkaddict-x said...
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Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Woow I really want to try that Etude BB Magic Balm, look very interesting

Vanilla said...

grrr just bought etude bb mousse?
shud have gotten this balm instead !